Neurosciences Rehabilitation

Compassionate, patient-centered care focused on increasing independence and improving quality of life.
As an area leader in rehabilitative services, we are committed to providing a full range of integrated care dedicated to improving quality of life and helping our patients achieve the highest level of independence possible. With the most advanced technology available for in-patient and out-patient therapy, our team provides individualized care utilizing therapies specifically tailored to neurological conditions such as MS, stroke and spinal surgery.

  • Licensed Physical Therapists work to help patients regain independence and continue active living.
    We offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment for orthopedic/musculoskeletal problems of the spine and extremities, post-surgical disabilities, and neurological deficits. Evaluation includes muscle testing and the assessment of motion/neuromotor function, gait, balance, circulation, and skin integrity. Treatment includes therapeutic exercise, aerobic conditioning, education, mechanical traction, joint or spine mobilization, and heat/cold therapy.
  • Licensed and Registered Occupational Therapists help patients regain and maintain skills for independent living.
    A comprehensive evaluation is performed to assess work function and daily activity with an emphasis on safety. Our clinicians utilize state-of-the-art therapies to develop treatment plans designed to improve physical abilities, activities of daily living and cognitive skills. Specialized services are available for upper extremity dysfunction, vision deficits and ergonomic analysis.
  • Licensed Speech Language Pathologists help patients regain communication skills with a focus on improved quality of life and independence.
    Our team of speech therapists utilizes comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for speech, language and voice disorders to help our patients regain function, compensate for deficits and learn to successfully communicate again. For swallowing deficits, our treatment team addresses nourishment, hydration, choking, aspiration, and other common problems.

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