NeuroBehavioral Unit

Specialized care for patients in need.
Depression, dementia, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other psychiatric diagnoses can be frightening and confusing, particularly for the elderly. If inpatient care is required, the NeuroBehavioral Unit at Saint Thomas West Hospital is here. We specialize in the treatment of these conditions with an emphasis on geriatric care. Our staff includes Board-certified psychiatrists as well as RNs, PCTs, a full-time Recreational Therapist and a Licensed Social Worker.

In addition to high-quality, comprehensive treatment, we offer a number of unique services designed to lessen patients' anxiety and make them as comfortable as possible during their stay.

The NeuroBehavioral Health Unit at Saint Thomas West Hospital specializes in the treatment of these psychiatric conditions with specialty in geriatric care.


  • Psychiatric, nursing, leisure time assessments and psycho-social assessments
    • Typical stay: 10-14 days (based on personal safety and progress)
  • In-patient treatment including, but not limited to:
    • Individual therapy
    • Adult living and coping skills
    • Pharmaceutical treatment
  • Additional services
    • Spiritual counseling
    • Financial counseling (The NeuroBehavioral Unit accepts Medicare)
    • Social work services
    • Group counseling

Special Offerings

  • Tailored treatment for the geriatric community
  • Private rooms and bathrooms for every patient
  • Special menu offerings for those on restricted diets

Questions and Referrals
If a patient in your care needs a referral or if you have questions concerning the NeuroBehavioral Unit at Saint Thomas West Hospital, please call 615-222-2189.

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