Our Approach

The Neurodiagnostic Laboratory at Saint Thomas West Hospital employs various technologies and instruments to obtain electrical potentials arising from the central and peripheral nervous systems. Preparing for these specialized procedures requires counsel and explanation of the approach, obtaining a pertinent medical history, and completion of the procedure.

Our staff strives to develop good rapport with patients and aims to provide comfort during times of distress. Duration of each testing procedure varies depending on the requested service. Some procedures may be completed in as quickly as 30 minutes; while other procedures may range anywhere from 2-8 hours on an outpatient basis.

Our highly-skilled team of E.N.D. (electroneurodiagnostic) professionals is trained to understand neurophysiology and recognize normal and abnormal electrical activity. They serve as physician-patient liaisons in the department of neurosciences.

Consistent with our Catholic health ministry, the neurodiagnostic staff exercise considerable individual initiative, logic & reasoning skills, and sound judgment as each strives to provide the highest level of care to our patients.

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