Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU)

The epilepsy monitoring unit at Saint Thomas West Hospital is a modern 3 bed inpatient unit designed to evaluate, diagnose, and treat seizures in patients ages 14 and above. Our goal is to identify the best treatment plan for our patients.  

This is accomplished using a team approach of specially trained technologists, nursing staff, and physicians. In addition, the EMU is overseen by a board certified neurologist, trained in epilepsy. Our lead EMU technologist is a board certified Registered EEG Technologist. The unit is equipped with digital long term video EEG monitoring systems for 24 hour correlation of the patient’s electrical brain activity and symptoms.

A wide variety of seizure and epilepsy patients including patients with new onset seizures, epileptic seizures which are poorly controlled by medications, conditions and “spells” that mimic seizures will be evaluated and treated by our specialists. 

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