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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Support Group

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May 14

Ken's ​Notes


Hello all you "BREATHERS"!  Just got home from our meeting this morning which included Sergeant Michelle making all 640 muscles in our body HURT!  Jus' kiddin'. We had a GREAT turnout for this meeting and I suspect y'all wanted to see Michelle again AND the friends you have made.  It is a Blessing for me to see all of you and to pray for your being well. 
If anyone HAS NOT received a schedule of the meeting subjects thru Aug 2016, PLEASE email me.
Next month May 7th we will have an in house discussion by Y'all on "HOW TO GET READY FOR SPRING and SUMMER. So please come with your ideas on how to make spring cleaning, planting flowers and veggies, Air conditioning and lawn mowing devices ready.  Our COPD limits activities BUT some of the stuff still needs to be done!  HOW DO YOU HANDLE IT?

On a down note, this may be the last email you get as I am reducing our membership list to include only those who have attended a meeting or have expressed their wishes to continue. This is a support group for each one of us and to be successful, we need your support.