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Cardiac Rehabilitation Support Group
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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Support Group

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May 14

Ken's ​Notes



Ya gotta love Miss Ann.  She again held our attention providing great information on breathing devices (other than oxygen) and emphasizing the nebulizer.  Thank you Ann.

There will be a change to our scheduled meeting for September in that a representative of The COPD Foundation is coming to speak about the Foundation.

And give us information on many FREE services available to us.  WOOHOO! Free is always good!
Choice of restaurants for our BIG LUNCH GET TOGETHER next month has been reduced to the following:  O'Charleys, Olive Garden, Egg and I, and Camino Real (sp).

A decision will be made within the next weeks.  NOTE OF IMPORTANCE:  If you are going to attend this lunch, I MUST have an accurate count of those who are attending.  PLEASE RESPOND TO  ME THROUGH THIS EMAIL.

Participation in our group is growing in that we had 17 at the meeting Thursday. Thank you to all who attended and we hope to see those who were unable to attend at our next meeting!

Stay cool in this heat.

Also if you are shut-in or hospitalized PLEASE let us know either by contacting me or Ann at the Wellness center.
Have a Blessed Day!