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Ken's ​Notes

November 13, 2015

Good Morning all you Breathers out there.  I hope you didn't freeze last night.

We had our monthly meeting yesterday and although our greatly anticipated speaker cancelled, we had a good meeting just "hanging 'round and talking".  Three nursing students from MTSU joined us as well as 4 new members ( Doris, Jean, Francisco, and Bob).  
Welcome. Your Better Breathers Group's existence is being noticed as some who have not attended rehab are joining.  Keep up the good words by talking about us and telling your docs that we are here! Now for the GOOD STUFF!!  Our next meeting is our annual HOLIDAY Party to be held Thursday, December 10 at 11 am.  We will meet at O'Charley's at 1600 Memorial Blvd for lunch followed by some fun and a game or two. Please plan on attending and bring a wrapped gift of about $10 for a "Secret Santa" type game.
If anyone has a fun variation of Secret Santa (as Duff and MaryAnn did last year) please let me know.

I must let O'Charlies know two days in advance of the number of attendees so PLEASE LET ME KNOW THAT YOU ARE ATTENDING!  Spouses, significant others are welcome also. (lunch is dutch).

Additional reminders will be sent between now and then. 

Last year we had 27 attend, Let's try for 35 this year.

Also to let you all know, Ray Fairbanks had hip surgery on Nov 5th and his wife Raene said he is doing well.  Thank you for the prayers.

Lastly, If you know of anyone not feeling well or in the hospital, Please let us know.
Well, I have run out of words so I'll say Bye for now and REMEMBER PURSED LIP BREATHING.