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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Support Group

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January 14, 2016 - Main Hospital, Conference Room C

Ken's ​Notes

February, 2016

Good morning!  This will most likely be the last time I send this Meeting Recap to Y'All.  As previously said, I am stepping down and we will have a new group senior. Two members have expressed interest in leading us: Beverly L. and Bob H.  If anyone else in interested please let me know as we will vote at our next meeting (February 11).  We will also discuss the practicality of changing our meeting time to help make parking better for us.
Yesterday we had two speakers, Jeff Edge, who spoke about the investment market and also provided information on the changes in 2016 to Medicare/Medicaid.

Our other speaker was Stephanie Williams from the COPD Foundation telling us of a pilot program unique (for now) to St Thomas Rutherford Hospital. This program for COPDer's is called Harmonicas for Health. The pilot program will last 5 weeks ending the last week of February. Those who participate will receive a harmonica, music, and instruction.  (No musical talent is required). Seven members of our group signed up yesterday and we have until January 20 to enroll if interested.  Please be interested and call Missi or Stacie at (615)396-4926.


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