Wellness Center

Seton -- seton-web.jpg Committed to Medically-Based Fitness Since 1986

The Wellness Center is a medically based fitness facility that offers exercise and educational programs, fitness testing and evaluation, group exercise classes, nutrition counseling, wellness and post-clinical-care programs, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. By choosing the right program, you can achieve the optimal fitness and overall health of your lifetime!

The Wellness Center was developed to serve the wellness, health promotion and fitness needs of our employee associates and patients as well as the residential and corporate community.

Our registered nurses, exercise physiologists, respiratory therapist, registrar and registered dietitians customize fitness and nutritional programs to enable members to meet personal goals safely. The entire staff is committed to helping individuals make positive lifestyle changes.  Greeted by a friendly face, our volunteers offer a welcoming voice and provide membership resources.

Wellness Center | Phone: 615.396.5500 | Fax: 615.396.6189 | Directions