Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital Fund List

Gifts to the Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital Foundation can be designated for a particular fund, based on your interests as a donor. Below is a list of funds administered by the Foundation (in alphabetical order):

Ambassadors Fund
– Formed in 1992, monies are raised by the Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital Ambassadors and are used to fund special projects.

Building Fund – Formed in 1984, the Building Fund houses funds for the new Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital.

C. H. Hunt Indigent Patient Care Fund – Formed in 1992 by Rev. C.H. Hunt, this Fund helps patients in need by covering expenses such as medication, transportation needs, and indigent infant and adult funerals.

Cancer Fund – Formed in 1984, the Cancer Fund is used to purchase equipment, fund renovations, and support indigent cancer patients.

Clara and Ed Delbridge Nursing Scholarship Fund – Formed in 2006 by a gift from the Christy-Houston Foundation, this Fund provides for Nursing Scholarships.

Dispensary of Hope Fund – Formed in 2004, the Dispensary of Hope Fund helps offset operating costs of the Dispensary.

Friends of Nursing Fund – Formed in 2007 by current V.P. of Patient Care Services Michael Bratton, this Fund helps provide educational seminars for the Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital Nursing staff.

George Justin Lombardi Assistance Fund – Formed in 2011 by Christine and Annette Lombardi in memory of their late husband and father. Through referrals, this fund helps Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital patients, employees or individuals recover from life-altering situations -- such as death or illness -- with stop gap assistance in their time of need.

The Gift of Wellness Fund This equipment fund was established to provide for ongoing equipment needs at the Wellness Center at Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital.

Heart Fund – Founded in 1984, the Heart Fund provides cardiac rehab equipment and other needs for the Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital Wellness Center.

Jean Hastings Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund – Founded in 2003 in memory of Jean Hastings, this Fund provides scholarships for MTSU Nursing students.

Lymphedema Fund – Founded in 2004 by Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital physical therapist Linda Bullard, the Lymphedema Fund provides anti-swelling garments for indigent Lymphedema patients.

Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital Associate Benevolence Fund – The Benevolent Fund grants up to $500 to associates in need.

Nursery/Pediatric Fund – Founded in 1984, the Nursery/Pediatric Fund provides equipment for the NICU, well baby nursery as well as the Pediatric floor.

Sloan/Rice Nursing Education Fund – Founded in 1993 in memory of Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital employees Sue Sloan and Beverly Rice, this Fund provides Nursing Scholarships.

Unrestricted Fund – Founded in 1984, this Fund provides wherever is the greatest need.