Planned Giving

For more information about planned giving, please contact:
Anne C. Davis
Director, Saint Thomas Rutherford Foundation 
(615) 396-4809

Your commitment to our work is your most important reason for a contribution. Once you have made that decision, it is only natural that you should consider the financial benefits of your gift. There are several. 
Save income taxes.
To encourage private contributions, our government allows you to deduct them on your income tax return, provided you itemize.
Reduce estate and probate costs.
Gifts to us, either now or after your lifetime, avoid the federal estate tax without any percentage limitation.  
Receive a life income.
The federal government allows you to designate your gift now and secure a current income tax deduction while you receive a life income for yourself and even one or more survivors.  
Unlock appreciated investments.
You may have assets that have grown in value but have a low yield. You can create a gift that provides you with an income for life, and for most gifts you will not incur an income tax on your capital gains.  
Increase your yield.
If you sell highly appreciated securities and pay the capital gains tax, you will have fewer assets to reinvest to produce income. If you contribute these same assets to a life income plan, the tax savings resulting from your charitable deduction and capital gains tax savings can increase your effective yield.  
Secure professional management.
With a life income plan, the trustee you select handles the investment responsibilities associated with the assets you contribute.  
To choose the right giving method, you must consider your unique financial circumstances and charitable objectives. We can help you determine a plan suited to your age, tax bracket and financial situation. Please call for more information today, with no obligation.