Pharmacy Residency Testimonials

"This residency has been a great fit for me. It provides an exceptional amount of orientation to the pharmacy department and its clinical services. I have been given independence to grow as a clinical pharmacist, but I am surrounded by pharmacists that are always more than willing to mentor me on my daily journey as pharmacy practice resident."
Jenny, Pharmacy Resident

"This residency has increased my confidence, knowledge, and skill base as a pharmacist. I have been provided with a variety of learning opportunities to help me develop into a well-rounded clinical pharmacist."
Jessica, Pharmacy Resident

"I completed the residency program at Saint Thomas Hospital 9 years ago.  The program provided me the opportunity to develop the skill, confidence, and drive needed to meet the rigorous demands of clinical pharmacy and to succeed as a practitioner.  I am currently a Critical Care Specialist on staff at Saint Thomas Hospital and a preceptor for the residency program.  Saint Thomas hospital is a great place to work and I would recommend the residency to anyone interested in a PGY1 residency program."
Jeannie, Pharmacist

"My time at Saint Thomas has been a blessing to me.  I have had the opportunity of participating in the PGY1 residency program, and upon completion of the program able to accept a permanent position with Saint Thomas as a Special Care pharmacist.  The valuable training, education and multidisciplinary team interaction that I received during my residency helped to prepare me to be an effective pharmacist.  I believe that the program contained wonderful core packages that were vital in my future success as well as providing the opportunity to interact with other members of the health care team to provide the best care, service and attention to our patients."
Tonya, Pharmacist