Nurse Residency Testimonials

"The NRP was an excellent way to acclimate into a hospital position straight out of nursing school. It helped us familiarize ourselves with the staff we would be working with, along with fellow RN colleagues who would eventually become close friends. I would recommend it to anyone who had the opportunity. It’s a good refresher before starting a new job."

"I think forming relationships with other new nurses was a wonderful support system during the transition to professional nurse. I still look to my PNR friends for encouragement."

"It gave us the chance to ease into a new job/career without the feeling of being overworked. It was nice to meet all the new people from the different facilities and fun getting to know them. I liked getting to see all the clinical staff in person so that if I ever needed them for some reason I would feel comfortable seeking them out."

"NRP gave us a chance to meet other new nurses and reinforced policies and procedures we need to follow. I enjoyed the stories from the older nurses on how they survived their first couple of years as a new nurse."

"I liked all of the practical application sessions such as the IV Therapy day when we got to practice and perform hands-on learning."

"I appreciate the fact that STHS values its new nurses enough to invest so much time, resources and energy in us. The practical topics (wound care, diabetes, etc.) were beneficial."

"I appreciate STHS’s interest in my experience and investment in me. There were excellent, pertinent topics. I enjoyed becoming familiar with the facility and STH professionals."

I enjoyed the awareness of the different topics discussed in NRP, especially Why Good Nurses Make Bad Mistakes, arrhythmia class, and most of all Alive Hospice. These topics basically made me more alert to what I do each day while taking care of patients."

"It was nice to meet other new nurses and share thoughts, concerns, fears, etc..."

"I enjoyed understanding how all operations (CNO, Risk Management, etc.) worked behind the scenes to run the hospital. It is nice to understand the whole picture, not just what floor nursing does."

"I now feel comfortable contacting additional resources when and if needed. I found most everything very helpful."

"I enjoyed meeting other new grads going through the same process. I feel like the hospital is investing time and money in training, welcoming and keeping me. The PNR program makes me want to stay with STHS since they spent so much time and energy training me."

"Excellent spirituality that was welcoming and comforting; it is a good "home" feeling.  I thoroughly enjoyed this program. I think it is a great way to transition the new grad nurse to an RN. It was very beneficial to receive resource and clinical information that could otherwise be overlooked or not taught on the floor as a new nurse."

"I was able to make friends with people that worked at all the hospitals."

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