Nurse Residency FAQs

Who attends the Professional Nurse Residency Program?
All new graduate nurses hired for Saint Thomas Midtown, Rutherford, and West Hospitals may attend the Nurse Residency Program.

What is the application process?
Please click on the "Apply" link for more information about our application process.

What types of Residency tracks does Saint Thomas Health offer?
We offer four Residency tracks: Medical/Surgical, Critical Care, Emergency and Maternal/Child. All Residents will begin together and then split off into their respective specialty tracks.  Residents will then come together as a group once a month for 10 months to attend a four hour workshop.  These workshops cover topics such as: work/life balance, patient safety, legal aspects of nursing, and delegation and prioritization.

How often does Saint Thomas Health offer the Nurse Residency Program?
The program is offered twice a year in January and June.

How long is the Nurse Residency Program?
The Nurse Residency Program lasts 12 weeks.

Where are Residency sessions held?
Sessions will rotate between the three campuses of Midtown, Rutherford, and West.

Do I have to take boards prior to beginning the Residency Program?
Passing the NCLEX is not a requirement prior to beginning the Nurse Residency Program. However, you should not schedule your exam on a day you have Residency sessions. It will be up to your floor manager as to how you will function on the floor prior to passing boards. Saint Thomas Health requires that you take boards no later than 45 days after being hired as a graduate nurse.

What days will I work during the program?
The first week of Residency runs from Wednesday through Friday. Specialty track sessions are then scheduled by your track leader.  You will be assigned your monthly workshop day during the first week of residency.  Additionally, you will orient and work on your clinical unit with your preceptor during the residency program.

For more information, please contact:
Lisa Koenig, BSN, RN
Community Development Educator
PNR Program Coordinator
St. Thomas Hospital
Nashville, TN

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