Nurse Residency Application Process

Saint Thomas Health is passionate about and committed to successfully transitioning graduate nurses into the healthcare system. We are extremely proud of our nurse residency program and excited to offer the program to nursing graduates in Nashville and the surrounding areas. The Professional Nurse Residency program is a benefit offered to graduate nurses hired into our health system. During the interviewing process, please speak with your recruiter and interviewing manager about the nurse residency program opportunity.

The formal application process for the Professional Nurse Residency program takes place when you apply for open positions on our webpage Click on the careers link and that will take you to a page with our current available positions. There is no separate application for the nurse residency program.  If there are multiple positions open that interest you, we encourage you to apply for them. Please note that if you are unable to complete the application for a certain position, you may not meet the minimum qualifications (i.e. years of experience). Please read over the position qualifications before you begin the application process.

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