Medical / Surgical



The Medical Surgical Track will consist of a concentrated curriculum geared toward the medical surgical arena.  Candidates will attend a didactic series on acute and chronic disease processes, pain management, legal and ethical issues, and end of life care while developing critical thinking skills.  Opportunities for hands on simulation will be offered that validate skills, enhance competency, and promote personal and professional confidence in nursing practice.


The goal of the track is to hone the acquired skills of the new graduate nurse and facilitate his/her transition to a profession medical surgical nurse.


At the conclusion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Describe the evaluation and management of patients with acute and chronic disease processes.
  • Describe the management of a patient with a declining condition.
  • Practice appropriate use of emergency equipment and response teams.
  • Describe the perioperative experience.
  • Explain the management of patient and family members requiring end of life care.
  • Practice safe care utilizing ethical standards consistent with the values of the nursing profession.


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