Nurse Navigator Program

In the course of a lifetime, one in every eight women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

A diagnosis of breast cancer, regardless of your stage or age, can be a frightening, life-altering experience. It is easy to get lost and overwhelmed amid the vast sea of questions, concerns, tests and treatment options. At the Saint Thomas Health Centers for Breast Health, we understand that much of the fear associated with a breast cancer diagnosis is due to the uncertainty and feeling that you’ve lost control of your life.

Fear is a normal reaction to a breast cancer diagnosis. When turned in a positive direction, fear can motivate us toward better education and communication. It can move us in a forward direction to find the community and support teams that are best equipped to help us through the times ahead.

Our team of nurse navigators, located within the Saint Thomas Health Centers for Breast Health, is specially trained to help you manage your fears after diagnosis and throughout your treatment. Nurse navigators provide education, help you gather information for more informed decisions, facilitate communication with your medical team, help you understand the tests and procedures you will be facing and connect you with the many resources available.

Our nurse navigator program provides licensed nurses, skilled in the knowledge, process and treatment of breast cancer, to help you navigate your way along the path toward recovery and a better quality of life.

Nurse navigators serve as educators, advocates, guides and liaisons between you, your medical team, your family and our extensive network of support resources to facilitate your treatment, recovery and rehabilitation. They will work with you to coordinate your appointments and tests with your medical team. Throughout the process they will be available to work with you one-on-one for your peace of mind.

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