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Novalis Radiosurgery has been developed to bring high precision treatments and patient safety to more cancer patients and treat more types of tumors than ever before possible. With these goals in mind Saint Thomas Health has integrated Novalis Radiosurgery into our Unity System, the first fully-integrated brain cancer treatment of its kind in the United States. Together we are able to offer cancer patients more alternatives and less invasive treatments options for brain, spine, prostate and lung cancers.

Planning Your Treatment

Cross-functional decision-making and a team-based approach to treating cancer patients are critical to ensure the right pathway is chosen for their specific cancer treatment. Novalis Radiosurgery and our Unity System integrate to create a secure virtual operating room where a team of experienced radiation oncologists and neurosurgeons can collaborate from anywhere and in real-time to determine the most effective and personalized treatment approach for you as a cancer patient.

Delivering Your Radiation Treatment

Our radiation oncologists and surgeons use Novalis Radiosurgery to locate and treat tumors and lesions with millimetric accuracy. This allows for higher doses of radiation to be delivered per treatment session - even to highly irregularly shaped tumors – while minimizing damage to critical organs and other surrounding areas in the body.

Since no incision is necessary with Novalis Radiosurgery most patients can receive treatment on an outpatient basis and return home the same day.

Cancer Treatments Built on Patient Safety

Delivering higher doses of radiation requires superior safety standards. Novalis Radiosurgery allows radiation oncologists and surgeons to adapt and react in real-time to changes in the patient's positioning or possible shifts of internal body parts caused by breathing. Our radiosurgery specialists have received specialized training on Novalis Radiousurgery, so you can count on receiving high quality treatments with proven outcomes.

Saint Thomas Health was the first cancer treatment center in the southeast United States to provide cancer patients in the region with the option of stereotactic radiosurgery, and since then we've treated thousands of patients safely and effectively.

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Novalis Certification

The Novalis Certification process is the next vital step towards the shared goal of the Novalis Circle clinical community to establish the highest standards of safety in the delivery of SRS and SBRT for cancers of the brain, spine, lungs, prostate, head and neck beyond. In order to help us accomplish this level of excellence, we've put together an independent body of some of the most prestigious names in radiation oncology to help develop a dedicated audit process with which we evaluate the procedures and protocols that make up our customers' cancer treatment programs and facilitate a culture of continuous improvement and the highest safety for the goal to provide every patient the same consistent, safe, accurate and comfortable treatment they deserve.

Ask your doctor for more information about your Novalis Radiosurgery treatment options, as Novalis Radiosurgery may not be suitable for all patients or schedule an appointment with one of our partner cancer centers. 

What types of cancers are treated at Saint Thomas Health with Novalis?

Meet the Saint Thomas Health Novalis Radiosurgery Team

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