Insulin Management

In most cases of gestational diabetes, diet and exercise will be sufficient to keep glucoses in target range. However occasionally, there is a need for medication. If your health care provider determines that it is necessary to start insulin the Saint Thomas Midtown Diabetes Center clinician will provide instruction of preparingand injecting insulin. A review of information regarding symptoms and treatment of hypoglycemia is a key component of the insulin instruction.

If you are managed by the Diabetes Center Clinicians, you will report your glucoses to the Saint Thomas Midtown Diabetes Center twice weekly for management of medication.

Glyburide Initiation/Management
In many instances diet and exercise alone is not enough to control blood sugar during pregnancy. Adding medication to control blood sugar includes Glyburide or insulin. Glyburide is a pill used to help control blood sugars and has been shown to have similar outcomes in mothers and babies to the use of insulin. If medication is needed, your physician will determine if Glyburide is appropriate. A review of information regarding symptoms and treatment of hypoglycemia is a key component of the Glyburide initiation.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Continuous glucose sensors are available for patients with diabetes. These devices give patients the ability to view real-time blood sugar levels, review trends and fluctuations in their recent blood sugar levels and receive alerts when their blood sugar level becomes too high (hyperglycemia) or too low (hypoglycemia). At the Diabetes Center we use this technology to evaluate blood sugar trends, problems in order to make recommendations to your physician for diabetes medication changes.

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