Diabetes Self-Management Education Program


In keeping with the mission of Saint Thomas Health, the Center for Diabetes at Saint Thomas Hospital is committed to empower, support, and improve the Quality of Life of all our patients who receive Diabetes Self-Management Education.

We serve to help our patients learn how to manage their diabetes. We encourage them to work closely with their primary care doctor or specialist to control their diabetes and we give them tools to help with that control.


The Importance of Diabetes Self-Management

Diabetes is a chronic illness, affecting more than 20 million Americans – more than ever before. The complications of diabetes include kidney damage, nerve damage, eye damage, vascular disease and infections. Diabetes affects almost every major organ in the body, including the heart, nerves, eyes and kidneys. However, by learning to manage diabetes, the risk of complications can be dramatically reduced and its long-term impact lessened. Because every person is different, the Center for Diabetes evaluates diabetes patients on an individual basis and assists in the development of the most effective self-management plan.


Specialty Care

A multidisciplinary team of Diabetes Nurse Educators and Registered Dieticians provide diabetes self-management education for patients and their families whose lives are touched by diabetes.


How Do We Offer Education?

Inpatients can be seen by the Diabetes Nurse during their hospital stay if their physician refers them. The patient can also be seen by the Dietician with a Doctor, Nurse or patient self-referral. The Center for Diabetes offers an American Diabetes Association (ADA) certified Self-Management Education program for outpatients that is available to both individuals and groups.


Diabetes Self-Management Education Program

The Center for Diabetes offers a Diabetes Self-Management Education Program. The program is a day long course and observes the national standards of the American Diabetes Association. The complete education program encompasses 15 content areas, taught by Certified Diabetes Education Nurses and Dieticians. The content covered includes:


  • Diabetes overview
  • Medication administration
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Healthy eating
  • ADA meal plan
  • Exercise
  • Coping/stress management
  • Foot care
  • Sick day rules
  • Prevention of long-term complications


Follow-up care is provided by phone at no additional charge for one to three months after completion of the education program.

For more information, please call the Saint Thomas Hospital Center for Diabetes at 615-222-4923.

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