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The Diabetes Center at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital offers a wide range of inpatient and outpatient diabetes services through its accredited and nationally recognized Diabetes Center. The Diabetes Center’s goal is to give patients the ability to control their disease, avoid complications and achieve optimum health status by providing comprehensive diabetes self-management education and on-going support.


Program Benefits Include:

  • Programs designed for individuals with Type 1, Type 2 and pre-diabetes
  • Programs designed for pregnant women with gestational or pre-existing diabetes
  • Educational team that includes certified diabetes educators, registered nurses, registered dietitians and nurse practitioners
  • Educational classes available mornings, afternoons, and weekends with required physician referral and pre-registration
  • Diabetes Alert Program that includes a FREE car sticker that will assist law enforcement officers with identifying individuals who may be having diabetes related emergencies while driving
  • FREE blood glucose screening by appointment
For more information about services provided by the Diabetes Center at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital or to make an appointment, call 615.284.2800 or send an email to Diabetes.Center@sth.org.

Contact Information

Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital Diabetes Center
Craig Center for Advanced Wound Healing
2000 Murphy Ave, 2nd Floor
Nashville, TN 37203
615.284.2800 (local phone)
1.800.400.5800 (toll free)
615.284.4285 (fax)    
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How to Schedule an Appointment - If you would like to attend any of the classes described in this website, please contact the St. Thomas Midtown Diabetes Center at (615) 284-2800 or the St. Thomas Rutherford Diabetes Center at (615) 396-6123.  We will contact your primary care provider to request a referral.

Forms for Current Diabetes Center Patients

Blood Glucose and Medication Log (Web Form)
Blood Glucose and Medication Log (PDF)

Food Record (Web Form)
Food Record (PDF)

Blood Glucose Reporting Instructions
-Pregnant patients, please report your readings every Sunday and Wednesday.
-All other patients, please report your readings every Sunday.

  1. Include your name, date of birth and return phone number.
  2. Indicate the date you are beginning to report your test results: (*See example below.)
  3. Report your test results for all days between report dates and add any information you want the nurse to consider in the review, i.e. you were sick, missed a dose of medication, gave wrong dose of insulin, etc.
  4. If you didn’t test at a requested time, just report “no test” and give reason if needed related to care, i.e. ran out of test strips.
  5. If you had a low blood glucose that you treated, state how you treated the low blood glucose and also subsequent BG readings you may have done.
  6. Please mark your book when you report your last reading so that you begin the new report where you left off from the prior call.
  7. If you need the nurse or dietician to call you back (non-emergency), please let them know and your call will be returned as soon as possible.
*Here is an example of a call: This is (your name) . I’m starting with the breakfast reading for Monday, July 21. That reading was 108. My lunch reading was 120. I forgot to take it before dinner. When I checked it before bedtime, it was 72, and I drank some extra juice with my bedtime snack. On Tuesday, I took it at 7:30 before breakfast and it was 130, at noon it was 200, and before dinner it was 240. I’ve got a sore throat and I may have a fever. I will be at work for the rest of the day, so call me back there at (615) 000-0000.



Please call the Diabetes Center at (615) 284-2800 to speak with a clinician.

After Hours: If you need to speak to a clinician regarding an URGENT MATTER after office hours, please contact the on-call Diabetes Nurse by calling (615) 284-2800, option 8. Ask the operator to page the on-call Diabetes Nurse. Your call will be returned within the hour. If your call is in relation to pain or medical procedure, please contact your physician.

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Contact Information

Saint Thomas Midtown Diabetes Center
Craig Center for Advanced Wound Healing
2000 Murphy Ave, 2nd Floor
Nashville, TN 37203
615-284-2800 (local phone)
1-800-400-5800 (toll free)
615-284-4285 (fax)

Saint Thomas Rutherford Diabetes Center
1272 Garrison Drive, Suite 308
(Murfreesboro Medical Center Building)
Murfreesboro, TN  37129

Saint Thomas West Center for Diabetes
4220 Harding Road
Nashville, TN 37205