Treatment for Breast Cancer

We're improving survival rates for women with breast cancer every day.

A breast cancer diagnosis is frightening, but survival is possible. Just ask the more than 8,000 breast cancer survivors who received care from the Saint Thomas Health breast cancer specialists. Through a full range of the most advanced treatment options, our multidisciplinary team of surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists are able to deliver the most comprehensive and compassionate care available in middle Tennessee.

Along with more traditional forms of treatment, such as radiation and chemotherapy, we offer some of the most sophisticated medical advancements available, including the “radioactive seed” approach called brachytherapy.

Your physician can help you determine which options may be most appropriate for you:

Removal of the tumor and a small amount of surrounding tissue.

Modified Mastectomy
Removal of breast tissue.

Bilateral Mastectomy with Reconstructive Surgery
Many women, particularly under the age of 50, are now choosing to have bilateral mastectomy with reconstructive surgery to reduce their risk of reoccurrence.

Hormonal Treatment
Oral medication given to block estrogen and the growth of cancer cells.

An injection of carefully controlled doses of chemicals designed to reduce the risk of recurrence after surgery. Both standard and clinical trials are available based on patient history.

Radiation Therapy
Used in combination with limited surgery, radiation therapy serves as an alternative to a mastectomy or after a mastectomy to prevent the cancer from spreading throughout the lymph nodes.

To learn more about Saint Thomas Health and the various treatments available for breast cancer, please call: 615.284.LADY (5239) and ask for a nurse navigator.