Screenings for Breast Cancer

Early detection is the key to beating breast cancer

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer before her 80th birthday. Those who detect their cancer early can dramatically improve their chances of survival.

In addition to performing a monthly self-examination, you should:

  • Have a clinical breast exam conducted by a healthcare professional each year
  • Have a mammogram each year once you reach age 40
  • See your doctor right away if you feel pain or a lump in your breast

Throughout the Saint Thomas Health network, we offer care and screenings to aid in the early detection of breast cancer. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 615.284.LADY (5239).

Digital Mammography & Stereotactic Capabilities

A yearly mammogram is the best way to catch breast cancer in its earliest stages. A mammogram is a safe, low-dose x-ray that can detect abnormalities that you cannot feel. Our advanced digital mammography systems are designed to provide the most precise images possible with minimal time and discomfort.

If your mammogram detects an abnormality, our experienced team may use either ultrasound guided or stereotactic biopsy capabilities to take a small tissue sample and determine whether cancer is present. While the majority of biopsies are cancer-free, these advanced procedures are the best way to make sure. Our advanced system offers pinpoint accuracy and image quality, and the procedure generally takes one hour or less.