Cancer Prevention

Did you know that choices you make today could save you from a cancer diagnosis tomorrow?

According to the American Cancer Society, 75 percent of all cancer cases in the U.S. are caused by environmental factors, such as tobacco use, diet, physical activity, infectious diseases, chemicals, radiation and the sun. When you reduce your exposure to those environmental factors, you reduce your risk for cancer.

The Saint Thomas Health Personalized and Predictive Health team offers diagnostic screenings and personalized risk reduction strategies that empower you to take the right steps toward reducing your cancer risk.

Creating a brighter future through innovative solutions today.

Taking the lead in an innovative approach to health care, we are utilizing simple, non-invasive genetic tests to detect pre- or early-stage cancers. Armed with new tools of bioscience, our physicians are able to make more informed decisions based on each unique patient; empowering both patients and physicians to act preemptively today for a healthier tomorrow.

Cancer: Are you at Risk?

  • Do you or have you ever used tobacco?
  • Have you ever gotten a sunburn that resulted in blisters?
  • Do you or have you ever spent excessive time in the sun either for work or play?
  • Do you drink more than two drinks of alcohol a day?
  • Do you eat fewer than five servings of fruits and vegetables each day?
  • Do you avoid or forget to get the cancer screenings recommended for your age/gender on a regular basis?
  • Has a parent, sibling or child ever been diagnosed with cancer?

Take the above "Are You At Risk?" questionnaire. Share the results with your physician or call the Saint Thomas Health Personalized and Predictive Health Program at 615.284.7483 to speak to a genetic counselor.

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