Success Story - Rachel


In Rachel’s Words...

After enduring the trials and tribulations of obesity for a large portion of my life, I decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery with Dr. A. Spaw through the Baptist Metabolic Obesity Center in Nashville, Tennessee. This decision was a more permanent tool to combat the numerous failed weight loss attempts in the past, and an effort to combat the cycle of “yo yo” dieting that had plagued much of my early life.
This decision turned out to be the best decision of my life. It has opened a whole world of possibilities that were unimaginable to me as a person suffering from super morbid obesity. Having lost more than 130 pounds has opened the door to endless potentials. Despite being able to shop in any store, fit in any booth or seat, ride any roller-coaster, and walk through any area without having to consider whether or not I will fit, I have also gained balance and equilibrium in my life. I feel like for the first time, my outer appearance matches my inner self.
I have always viewed myself as a bright light bursting through and now physically I can be that light. In addition, I have more confidence, more energy, and more enthusiasm and zest, as if I could love life more than I did. I am thankful that I had the courage to make this positive choice for my life and fight the negative responses from friends and family when I told them my decision to have the surgery. I am also so grateful to the members of the Baptist Obesity Center including my surgeon, Dr. Spaw, his nurses, and my support group leader Paula Phillips Duncan for the encouragement and discipline they continuously provided. I am also thankful that I made the choice to do this while I am still under the age of 30. I now have the rest of my life to enjoy the new and improved body I am blessed with.



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