Success Story - Perry


In Perry’s Words...

I admit I was nervous about having this surgery. I'd thought about it seriously for about a year before I had my first appointment with Dr. Lynch. Having lost a lot of weight and regaining it many times in my life, I knew this would be different, and it has been. My gastric bypass has provided me an opportunity to make lasting changes in my life. My legs, feet, knees, and back don't hurt all the time anymore. I can go up a flight of stairs without holding onto the rail and without having to stop and catch my breath at the top. I'm not sweating as much. My anxiety about flying is greatly reduced because I always worried about not fitting into the seat, but now I do, and for the first time in my adult life I don't have to request a seatbelt extension. I have more energy and am more positive and optimistic.
I know the surgery wasn't the solution to my life-long obesity problem--the solution was a drastric reshaping of my eating habits along with my entire approach to food--but the bypass was the tool that finally allowed me to create a new reality for myself. Now I'm going to be vigilant to ensure I take advantage of that tool for the rest of my life (which is hopefully going to last several years longer since I'm getting healthy!)

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