Success Story - Mike


In Mike’s Words...

Bariatric surgery changed my life (namely the gastric bypass RNY), but not for the reason most would think. Yes, I was overweight and have lost 142 lbs. compared to the highest weight my doctors had on file. Is that a success? Most would give a resounding yes! Have I been able to maintain my goal weight? So far, so good, but is that a success? Again, most would say “heck yes it is!” The way I see it, this surgery was a success because I am no longer in danger of being permanently disabled or dying from the numerous co morbidities I suffered from. Let’s run down the list: acid reflux (check), sleep apnea (check), high blood pressure (check), high cholesterol which hospitalized me for almost 2 weeks due to pancreatitis (check), depression (check), type 2 diabetes with a regular A1C of 13.1 (check), all the medications and monthly doctor visits to go with those (check). I wasn’t living, I was waiting for death.
How has the surgery changed my life? I can safely say that almost 2 years out from my new birthday, I am no longer taking ANY medications for ANY of the problems I had prior to surgery (this was the main reason I wanted to have the surgery.) I can participate in activities that I hadn’t been able to do since I was kid. I can breathe without wheezing. Is that to say this surgery is an end all be all? It’s not, and don’t be fooled into thinking this an “easy” way out because there is nothing easy about having your insides rearranged. The weight will come off, there’s no doubt about it, but it’s up to you to keep it off and make the best of the tool you’ve been given... and this surgery is just that, a tool. It’s ironic; the person that first introduced me to the thought of bariatric surgery had the surgery, and gained almost all of her weight back. You’ll hear people tell you stories about that too. Some of those stories may even come from family and friends who are supposed to support you. Let them talk... and don’t give them a reason to say I told you so. Trust me when I say if this can work for me, it can work for anyone, BUT you have to follow what the doctor’s say, do the things you’re supposed to do and most of all do it for yourself. You deserve to be happy and healthy. The surgery didn’t change my life, IT SAVED MY LIFE!

Highest weight on file: 355 lbs.
Weight Day of Surgery: 333 lbs.
Weight Now: 213 lbs.
New Birth Day: 8-25-07



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