Success Story - Kimberly


In Kimberly’s Words...

My name is Kimberly Sutton and like many of you reading this I have been overweight my whole life. Also like you I have tried every new diet that came along only to lose a few pounds and then gain back twice the weight. Finally, after years of frustration I heard about the Lap-Band. I researched the procedure and decided it was for me. I also researched doctors and found that Dr. Morton is one of the best in town. I can honestly say my experience with the Lap-Band, Dr. Morton and the team at Baptist has been nothing but wonderful. The Lap-Band is a tool that has helped me to lose more weight than I ever thought possible for me. The best part is with the education I have received from Dr. Morton and the staff I have actually been able to keep the weight off! I am healthier and happier than I have been in years.

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