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Saint Thomas Midtown Makes weight Loss Affordable

Discounted Lap-Band Surgery Competes with Prices Offered Internationally

Saint Thomas Medical Partners - Center for Surgical and Medical Weight Loss has announced their "Lap-Band Wellness Stimulus Package," for self-pay patients.
The cost of the Lap-Band procedure has been reduced by 25 percent - from $16,100 to $12,000. The package includes the surgical procedure with no overnight stay or complications, as well as three months of Lap-Band adjustments and consultations with the center's dieticians as needed. Financing options are available through CareCredit.     
"This is a 'wellness stimulus' for a healthier lifestyle," said Bernie Sherry, president and CEO of Saint Thomas Midtown. "The $12,000 Lap-Band fee is competitive with medical tourism travel rates. Medical tourism is gaining popularity as patients cross the border where costs of surgery are lower, yet there are potential dangers. By receiving treatment at Saint Thomas Midtown, self-pay patients receive both financial value and high quality care from an accredited Center of Excellence."    
According to Dr. Charles Morton, medical director of the Center for Surgical and Medical Weight Loss, thousands of patients travel to Mexico each year for Lap-Band surgery. "In some places, medical qualification standards for physicians and health care facilities are very different than they are in the United States and there's no follow up care once the patient is back home."    
The Saint Thomas Medical Partners - Center for Surgical and Medical Weight Loss expects its Lap-Band Wellness Stimulus Package will draw patients from across the country and has developed travel packages with special rates on hotel and air travel.     
In addition, some patients may be eligible for a tax deduction, as medical costs such as those associated with Lap-Band surgery are considered non-reimbursed medical expenses.
The Lap-Band, or laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, is a purely restrictive weight loss procedure that limits solid food intake by surgically inserting an inflatable band completely around the uppermost part of the stomach. This minimally-invasive and reversible procedure does not include cutting or stapling of the stomach and there is no bypassing of the intestines. Nearly all patients can go home the same day as the procedure.     
Lap-Band restricts the amount of food that can be consumed at a meal. Any food consumed passes through the digestive tract in the usual order allowing it to be fully absorbed into the body.     
"Weight loss surgery is not for everyone and does require a lifestyle change. For those who make the decision, they are investing in a healthier future," said Dr. Morton. "Lap-Band is one of the most common weight loss procedures done today and it's successfully helping treat obesity for patients across the country."    
Ideal candidates for Lap-Band surgery include patients who:     
  • Have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher or at least a BMI of 35 with one or more obesity-related health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes.
  • Patients with a BMI of 30-35 and at least one obesity-related health condition may be candidates for surgery if they elect to self-pay for the LapBand.
  • Are at least 18 years old.
  • Have made serious attempts to lose weight and have had only short-term success.
  • Are prepared to make substantial changes in eating habits and lifestyle.
The Center for Surgical and Medical Weight Loss is one of the most comprehensive weight loss surgery programs in the country, providing patients with proven open and laparoscopic surgical options, such as Lap-Band, gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy, which correct metabolic deficiencies.
For more information about the Lap-Band Wellness Stimulus Package, call (615) 284-2400. Saint Thomas Medical Partners - Center for Surgical and Medical Weight Loss is located adjacent to the hospital in Medical Plaza II at 2021 Church Street, Suite 104, in Nashville. 

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