Formation is a transformative process rooted in theology and spirituality which connects us more deeply with God, creation and others. Through self-reflection it opens us to God's actions so that we derive meaning from the work we do, grow in awareness of our gifts, see our work as vocation and build a communal commitment to the ministry of healthcare.

Saint Thomas Health commits significant resources to engage all our leaders and associates in formation processes that enhance the delivery of healthcare through the perspective of faith. Our formation efforts seek to:

  • Develop, within our diverse workforce, a sense of unity regarding our healing mission
  • Prompt understanding of our work as ministry
  • Awaken a personal sense of meaning derived from participating in the healing ministry
  • Engage our associates in the innovative and service-focused spirit and heritage of Ascension Health sponsors
  • Drive our strategic planning from our mission and values 
  • Creatively address current challenges to conducting healthcare as a ministry 
  • Use personal development plans to build servant leaders 
  • Understand personal leadership strengths as “gifts” brought to the healing ministry
  • Grow in the ability to exercise highly effective leadership styles as expression of spiritual depth and centeredness
  • Provide advocacy for the poor and underserved